Our Great Adventure Begins

We have officially arrived!

Goodbye States
2 days of travel. Almost 7500 miles. Countless diapers.

Our journey across the largest ocean on the planet went wayyyy better than I expected. Allyson was an absolute champ between the 330 wake ups, no naps, and new rooms. Not to mention being bound in her car seat for 11 hrs straight.

We really didn’t have any hiccups and I way over packed for carry on items. I had an entire underseat carry on devoted to A’s entertainment. All of which went untouched thanks to American Airline’s seat back tvs. I did manage to forget all the snacks when we left my mom’s house so that is one thing I would have changed. The food served on the plane was surprisingly good to my husband and I but A wouldn’t even touch it. Also, our layover in Tokyo didn’t leave us much time to hunt down food after we went through customs, check in, and tsa again.

Also Tula for the win! I am so glad I was able to contain A in the airports. We also had a Britax car seat cart which was amazing for loading bags on instead of carrying. We still needed the airport carts when we had our 5 luggage bags but that ting was great for our carry ons.

Hello Japan
Luckily for us, our sponsor is amazing. They picked us up, took us to McD’s for late night dinner, stopped by the 7 day store so we could pick up water and snacks and helped carry stuff to our room after check in.

Okinawa is nothing like I imagined. The buildings are all cement and mismatched with signage painted on the side. Some of them the paint has worn and new signs painted over. It’s a lot to process and I imagine makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for.

I’ve already been stumped by a toilet. It has buttons to flush, heat the seat, use the bidet, and I’m sure knit you a sweater. None of it is in English (not that I expected it to be) and the images that describe the action aren’t very informative. I was afraid I was going to shoot water instead of flush but I ended up just having to push buttons until I got lucky.

Our hotel on base is wonderful. They have kitchenettes, laundry, fitness center, dvd/game rentals, and free breakfast next door at a restaurant. The wifi is good enough to play netflix and facetime.

Nothing has scared me off yet. I’m still excited to explore. Sometime in the next few days I’m going to buy a map and start marking where people suggest and where we’ve been.

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