Shipments 2 and 3 Done

Shipment 2 (NTS)
This is the shipment I was most nervous about and started out a bit rocky. My husband’s biggest concern was for his home gym he had purchased about 4 months ago. My biggest concern was for my daughters furniture which I bought to grow with her.

We had originally planned for 2 days for them to pack and 1 day to load. When the inspector came to do a walk through he mentioned his system produced an estimated weight of 9000 lbs and they generally base how long it will take by allowing 5000 lbs a day to pack. So he was in agreement that it would be a 3 day job; pack Fri, Mon, and load Tues. When the lady from their scheduling office called a week later or so she mentioned that they had altered it to 2 days total. I voiced my concern but she assured me they would send extra packers and save a days driving from Barstow.

Monday the packers (2) arrived after noon and were shocked at how much we had. They immediately began calling the office trying to get more people for the next day because we had our last shipment going out soon after and couldn’t have 2 movers in the house on the same day. They busted butt and managed to get only the garage packed. Next day, 5 guys arrived with the semi. They were still worried about finishing that day but managed. They were amazing and listened when I had concerns. They had a sense of humor and didn’t mind me nervously pacing around and chit chatting with them.

Shipment 3 (HHG)
Seriously the worst. The packers were speed driven and had no concern for our stuff. They crammed everything into anything. There was no room labeling. No padding. Just paper and chaos. For example, our cube storage was FILLED with books and random things then just wrapped with paper “to hold it together” and loaded. They set our tv in the drive to be loaded and a gust of wind knocked it over. To which the guy said “at least you have insurance, right?” and loaded it in sideways. I was in tears and frantically calling the people in charge. They said the way they were loading was acceptable because they have to get everything into as few crates as possible. The packers told me to go take a nap because I was hovering. It was a mess. I dread unpacking this shipment.

We were notified a few days after both of the overseas shipments of the weight total. We were under our limit so that is good. It took 4 weeks for our things to make it to Oki. They sent an e-mail that our goods are waiting for us whenever we’re ready.

This post is way late because I was so exhausted after all the packing and then immediately we jumped into leave roadtrips and memorial services for my dad when we arrived in Arkansas. So I’m trying to catch up now.

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